The Marketing Minute - Issue 3

23 Aug 2013
Ian Marshall

The Marketing Minute - Email & Internet Marketing News from Around the Web

The big news over the last little while has been about Gmail’s new tabbed inbox (check out Tab Attack) and Facebook’s latest series of updates.

There's other stuff going on as well. Like Microsoft picking a fight with Google, we discovered Tapiture (it's like Pinterest for dudes) and speaking of Pinterest they released a pretty cool feature recently as well.

Before you dig into the hottest articles below I wanted to share with you my favourite quote of the week. It comes from Tom Bell, VP of Corporate Communications at Email List,

"Here's an experiment for you: Imagine if the US Postal Service determined whether to throw away a piece of mail before delivering it; or if Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube hid your latest post to “protect” its users. Sounds crazy, right? Yet, that's exactly what's happening in the email industry."

[INFOGRAPHIC] Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media
PewInternet did some interesting research into who's using social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram. And the people over at NextAdvisor were nice enough to take that data and create a fancy little infographic to help us understand what the stats are trying to tell us.

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An Email Marketing Conundrum: Permission vs. Forgiveness

It's so tempting - to import all your personal contacts that you've made over the years into your email blast software. In this article Karen Talevera explores how to email your list for the first time without ruining your reputation, the importance of the "permission pass" campaign and elements of a successful one and some major pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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The Eminem Digital Marketing Philosophy: You Only Get One Shot

Nathan Safran explores some interesting and relevant concepts as it applies to digital marketing like, "Knowing Google’s propensity for mining insight across an entire platform, imagine too, if your ‘pressing mark as spam’ on an email from ‘Acme Co.’ impacts its dropping into my Spam folder versus Inbox."

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Google Is Rewriting the Rules of Email Marketing in Its War With Facebook. What Can Marketers Do?

Alot of people have been crying foul over Google's ability to read your emails and now deliver ads cloaked as emails (spam) directly into your inbox. In this article Dela Quist gives us some keen insight on why the inbox is the next big marketing battleground, how Gmail has changed the email marketing playbook, and three critical things you should do now to prepare for potential industry changes.

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Facebook Updates

Facebook Provides Access to Millions of Shutterstock Images

Facebook to Test Its Own PayPal Competitor in Bid to Simplify Mobile Purchases

FB Introduces Embedded Posts (You Can Put the Right Onto Your Site)


That's it for now. Hope you have a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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