Yahoo Changes: What You Need to Know

24 Apr 2014
Ian Marshall

Yahoo DMARC changes

Just when we thought things were settling down in the email space Yahoo shakes things up.

They’ve made some major changes that will definitely impact the email marketing world.

What changes have Yahoo made?

If you send out an email campaign and your “From” address is there’s a very good chance that your emails will go to the spam folder or bounce completely?

What can I do?

Switch your “From” email to one that is associated with your own domain.

Can I use a Gmail or Hotmail email address?

For the moment – yes. But we recommend that you use an email that’s associated with your own domain. The reason being is that Gmail and Hotmail will probably quickly follow suit.

Will switching my “From” email address affect my sender reputation?

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc use a variety of factors to determine your sender reputation. The “From” email is definitely one of those factors. So in the short term you may notice some variances. But eventually they’ll figure out who you are.

The MyBizMailer Team

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François Wognum says:
April 28 2014 at 02:07

Merci pour ces précisions!

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