The Time Starved Businesses Guide to Creating & Building A Double Opt-In List Fast

20 Nov 2013
List Building
Ian Marshall

How to build a double opt-in list fast

This post is going to be short and to the point.

We received this question from a fresh faced newbie email marketer the other day.


How can I build an opt-in list (fast)? 

We see this question or variations of it all the time. People super-eager to kick-start their email marketing campaigns. Sometimes companies even ask us if we provide them with email subscriber lists (the answer to that one is no).

And in all the cases our answer to "How can I build a double opt-in email list - fast?" follows along the path to opt-in prosperity as mapped out below.


How do you develop an opt-in list - fast?

Here's 7 quick tips to harness your energies and get you moving right away.

1) Get clear on your ideal client. What are their hopes, fears etc. Here's a free Customer Avatar Template that you can print off and use right now.

2) Figure out what kind of solution you can give them in the form of an eBook, exclusive (gated/walled/dripped) content etc that is valuable enough that they'll give you their email address for it (maybe even giveaway a plugin or piece of software you can have designed on the cheap via odesk)

3) Create that opt-in content (you can even outsource this on

4) Create a landing page (check out the Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page Infographic)

5) Signup for MyBizMailer and setup your sexy optin form to collect their email addresses

6) Create a follow up sequence using Autoresponders to help build rapport with your new subscribers. Hopefully they'll love your free content so much that they'll register for the paid stuff. (Check out this article on how to create the perfect autoresponder sequence)

7) Run a google or FB or Twitter or LinkedIn etc ad campaign directing them to your landing page and free offer (Here's a free google adwords checklist)

We know that there's tons of thought, planning and testing that goes into making this process really hum along for you. But the above 7 steps will give you the essential framework that you'll need to kick-start or boost your opt-in rates.

Hope that helps! And best of luck.

The MyBizMailer Team

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