Toyota, Anthony Robbins and Psychologists all agree about this tactic

14 May 2014
Best Practices
Ian Marshall

Tiny Tweaks for BIG email marketing results

There’s a romantic view that HUGE sweeping changes will dramatically and magically save the day.

But the truth is, that it’s usually a dedication to small daily improvements over time that lead to stunning results.

This concept was made popular by Toyota. They follow a philosophy called Kaizen, which is usually translated as “improvement” or in the business circles as “continuous improvement”.

Toyota adopted this philosophy. Even Anthony Robbins based his CANI (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement) method around the Kaizen philosophy.

Dr. Robert Maurer, a psychologist and author says the Kaizen philosophy is simple and easy to apply mentioning that, “Great change is made through small steps.”

And with this idea in mind we present to you 5 Tiny Tweaks that can have BIG results on your email marketing.

1) Make your images clickable: This one continues to surprise me. People click images. Not the majority of them but a high percentage. So give them the pleasure of being able to click on the images that you include in your emails.

2) Use the power of ALT tags: Email clients like thunderbird for the most part load up your emails with images turned off. This is a great opportunity to connect with your subscribers and build some curiosity as to what's in your email

Here's an example...

ALT Tags and email marketing

3) Make your emails scannable: With the majority of 1st time opens of your email campaigns happening on smart phones this tactic really is becoming a foundational practice. Make your messages easy to read and scannable. Your subscribers are giving you their precious time. Give them easily digestible emails that make it simple for them to spot information that's relevant to them.

4) Try using buttons for you CTA’s: This is a tactic that we've been using for the last year. It give your readers a clear, no-doubt-about-it spot to click. There's no trying to make sure my fingers snipers out the right link from a sea of links. It's clear, strong and apparent.

Here's an example...

Buttons as links

5) Test using lower-case subject lines: I was looking over all the emails in my inbox the other day and I noticed something interesting - all the subject lines from emails that came from my friends were all in lower-case. Hmmmmmmmm...

Hope you're having a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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