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07 May 2014
Best Practices
Ian Marshall


Charlie was frustrated and tired. He’d been racking his brain for over month trying to come up with something to send out to his subscribers. He didn’t want it to be boring. He wanted to connect with his readers in a meaningful way. But he sat there staring at our Drag & Drop Editor waiting for inspiration to stike.

Fortunately for Charlie he gave us a call and we told him about Storyselling.

We’ve been telling stories since the beginning of time. There’s something magical and powerful about them.

And brands like Nike, Harley Davidson and even Dove have used the power of stories to build rapport and drive sales.

You’re probably thinking one of two things right now:

Thing one: You don’t have a kagillion dollar marketing budget.

Thing two: You not a storyteller.

I can’t do anything about thing one. But I can let you know that you ARE a storyteller. You tell them all the time.

When you get home from work. When you talk to someone on the phone. If you really stop and think about it you’ll realize that you’re sharing at least one story every day.

Now all you have to do is work that into your email marketing.


We’ve got you covered on that one.

Here’s for story types that you can work into your email marketing right now:

1) Struggle to Strength (Version 1): This is sometimes referred to as “Customer as the Hero” story. This is a story that revolves around one of your clients/customers. Focusing on their struggle. Shining a spotlight on the pain and hopelessness they faced and how your product or service helped them. And where they are today.

2) Struggle to Strength (Version 2): This follows along the same lines as above but in this story you share your struggle and eventual triumph.

3) Your Call to Adventure: People love to hear what inspired people to start their businesses. Share yours. 

4) Wounded Warrior: This is a story that focusses on your failures. Showing that you’re human. That you too make mistakes. It shows vulnerability and builds rapport. And you can turn it around into an inspirational tale. Sharing the 3 things that you’re doing differently now.

Don’t be shy. There’s a story inside your business. All you need is the courage to find it.

And as for Charlie – he’s doing just fine now and is completetly running with the Storyselling concept. And the interesting thing is that he’s actually generated more business because of it.

Hope you’re having a great week.

The MyBizMailer Team

P.S. We’d love for you to use our platform to get your story out to your subscribers. Why not have a look at our current packages while you’re here.

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