Gspam - Microsoft Attacks Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

12 Aug 2013
Ian Marshall

Gspam - Microsoft Attacks Gmail's new tabbed inbox

Microsoft has a serious beef with Google.

Back in late July we reported on Gmail's new tabbed inbox and what marketers can do to beat it.

And it looks like Microsoft is raising some hell about Google's ability to read your email and inject ads right into your inbox message stream (cloaked as regular looking emails).

Google doesn't really say what they can, can't or will do with your email address aside from, "We may use your email address to inform you about our services, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements.

What's even more interesting is that Gmail's own Program Policy specifically bans users from, "generat[ing] or facilitate[ing] unsolicited commercial email ("spam")." (I guess when you own the network you can play by your own rules).

Microsoft has even go so far as to setup a site called Scroogled which gives people the ability to sign a petitition telling google to keep their hands and eyes out their inboxes and cease and desist on the ad spam.


Check Out Microsoft's Scroogled Ad


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