Tapiture - Pinterest for Dudes

20 Aug 2013
Ian Marshall

Tapiture - Pinterest for Dudes


”Women are five times more likely to be on the site
(Pinterest) as men.”

The Pew Internet Research Study

There’s a lot of talk out there that Pinterest is dominated by the ladies. There’s even some interesting stats that back up these claims like, “Women are five times more likely to be on the site (Pinterest) as men.” Which is one of the biggest gender gaps found on the social media platforms.

So maybe that’s the reason the male dominated Tapiture is gaining some ground as the go to platform for dudes.

The California based Tapiture was founded in 2012 by brothers John and Leo Resig of Resignation Media. They are also the founders of theCHIVE.com which is most definitely a site that caters to men. 

Tapiture was setup initially a side project for The Chive. But when it started to gain traction and buzz is was quickly spun off into its own entity. Earlier in the year they raised $825,000 in seed funding.

So what makes Tapiture different than Pinterest?

In all honestly nothing much – aside from the male interest content that's shared on the site.

A brief glance at the front pages of both sites will really help to drive home the big difference the gender content bias and focus for each site. Here take a look:

Tapiture Front Page

Tapiture front page


Pinterest Front Page

Pinterest front page

Tapiture is beautifully designed and super-easy to use. It may just be the new go-to platform for marketers looking to tap into the male part of their market.

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