Yahoo Delivery Speeds - A Story in 2 Parts

08 Oct 2013
Ian Marshall

Deliverability to the major ISP's is a delicate dance. An ever changing ebb and flow of variables, indicators and influences. And when both partners are in-sync beautiful magic occurs.

Lately though, Yahoo has made some changes. Tweaks to their email filtering algorithm that have had us make modifications to our servers and flow settings.

But that's only half the story...

How to decrease yahoo delivery times


What You Can Do To Manage Your Yahoo Delivery Times

...the other half of the story is about how you, as a savvy and suave internet marketer can really take control of certain variables to help manage your sending times to Yahoo.

Please take a moment and read, "Yahoo Delivery Speeds" which will help you take some serious control over your email marketing campaigns.

In the article you'll learn about email throttling, why Yahoo may be doing it to your messages, and what you can do about it.

As well, be sure to check out the additional resources mentioned at the bottom of this post.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please send us an email or give us a call 1-888-983-6245.

Hope you're having a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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