The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

21 Oct 2013
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Ian Marshall

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

There's an art and science to creating high converting landing pages.

Every marketer out there has their own secret formula.

Some people use long form sales letters. Some use short. Some use video. Some don't use video at all. Some people create side-scrolling sales pages and some marketers let users scroll through pages and pages of info.

What we've learned over the years is that you have to find out what works best for YOU.

With that being said...

The nice people over at Quicksprout believe they've unlocked the secret to creating a high converting landing page. And they've distilled that wisdom into an informative infographic that you'll find below. Here's their 9 fundamental elements of a high converting landing page:

9 Fundamental Elements of a High Converting Landing Page

1) Headline (& Subheadline)

2) An Image or A Video

3) Benefits

4) Call to Action

5) Page Fold

6) Navigation Links

7) Description

8) Testimonials

9) Trust Elements


Click here to see a larger version of this infographic.

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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