The Marketing Minute - Issue 2

14 Aug 2013
Ian Marshall

The MyBizMailer Marketing Minute Issue 2

This week's Marketing Minute is includes a little creative break. 

We've gathered the best email and internet marketing news from around the web to help inspire and inform you on what's happening and what's working right now. Ideas and insights that you can take and make your own.

We were also pretty busy on our own blog - releasing 4 posts this week (insert pat on the back here).

If there's anything that you'd like to see us cover on the blog drop us a message here.

From Around the Web

The 2013 Emmy Nominees for Best Commercial

Let's start off this week's Marketing Minute with a little bit of fun and inspiration. Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2013 Emmy Nominees for Best Commercial

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How to Suck Less at Email Marketing

If you're OK with swearing, bluntness and actionable tactics then this post is for you.

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Email Optimization: A single word change results in a 90% lift in sign-ups

I love reading case studies - and this case study about tweaking a single word is a fascinating and quick read.

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10 Dirty Little Secrets Email Lead List Vendors Don’t Want You To Know

We live in a world that loves instant results. And building your email list definitely doesn't fall into that category at all. It's tough. And because of that more people are thinking about purchasing leads for outside companies that specialize in those types of services. Well before you drop your hard earned cash be sure to read about the 10 Dirty Little Secrets Email Lead List Vendors Don't Want You To Know first. 

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Understanding Google’s Latest Assault On Unnatural Links

It's a fact - being in the top spot for your targeted keyphrase on Google is a good place to be. It's not an easy place to get to for most keyphrases. Hard work, smarts and understanding the SEO game are always top priorities. Google has been on a tear lately with tweaks to their algorithm. Check out the latest information so you can stay a page ahead of the pack when it comes to SEO.

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From the MyBizMailer Blog

Pinterest Sales Alerts

Pinterest seems to be the great golden hope for eCommerce sites. They drive tons of traffic to people's websites. Have a sticky platform. And they were built to be mobile friendly. Check out Pinterest's latest innovation and how you can use it to boost your businesses bottom line.

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FB Post Bumping: Everything You Need to Know

Oh Facebook. Most businesses have a love-hate relationship with this behemoth social platform. Check out the latest iteration to their newsfeed algorithm.

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Gspam - Microsoft Attacks Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

Microsoft has some serious beef with Gmail's new tabbed inbox. They've even setup a petition site to rally the troops. 

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Understanding Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

If you're doing any type of email marketing (which we can help you do for less) then you really need to be up to date on the best practices to avoid being a spammer. In this article we help you do just that.

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That's it for now.

We hope you have a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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