The Friday 5 - July 19th Edition

18 Jul 2013
Ian Marshall

The Friday 5 - The Best Email & Internet Marketing News, Views and Insights

Here's this weeks roundup of the best and most interesting email and internet marketing news, views and insights. We're working hard to keep you informed about what's going on in the online marketing space so you can take your business to the next level.

Email Is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online

I don't mean to bash on social media marketing but the stats presented here don't lie. Wired breaks down one of the biggest reports that seems to be shaking up the online marketing world. It's been creating quite a digital divide when it comes down to deciding where to spend your hard earned cash and limited time when you're marketing online.

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5 Email A/B Split Test Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Don't let the super-boring title of this article fool you. There's tons of takeaways that you can use right now in your business. Like learning the sneaky split testing tactics that Amazon is using to streamline their customer engagement process. 

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Steal This – Seamless Warning Emails

Seamless is an online food ordering platform that has taken New York by storm. They're using a simple email marketing tactic to boost engagement and drive sales. Something that you can steal right now and implement in your email marketing campaigns.

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Romeo Montague: Master of Email Marketing

Romeo o' Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo? He's hanging out in the email marketing department driving sales and wooing prospective clients.

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Brand Advocates Choose Email Over Social For Referrals

Wondering where to focus your attention in order to get more referrals for your product or service? Seems like email is leading the pack...

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Those are the biggies for this week. Have an awesome weekend!

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