Why Not Just Dump the Daily Tweeting on to Low-Level Staffers or Agency PR Flacks?

15 Oct 2013
Ian Marshall

Managing your twitter feed

Here's the conumdrum (word of the week! We've used it here as well)...

You know that "should" be on sites like twitter, facebook and pinterest. BUT you either don't have a real strategy to maximize your impact on these channels. OR you don't have enough dedicated staff to manage it properly.

So what do most businesses do?

The assign the work to an office admin assistant or the front desk staff.

But Chapin Clark, the man behind the world's best ad agency twitter feed believes (and does) the complete opposite.

Chapin is he EVP amd Copywriting Chief of the New York ad agency R/GA.

In a recent interview he was asked, "Why not just dump the daily tweeting on to low-level staffers or agency PR flacks?"

His reply is something for all of us to really pay attention to.

He says that, "That question perfectly captures what's wrong with a lot of corporate and brand accounts! I mean, yes, it's Twitter. We're not mapping the human genome. But it has emerged as a pretty important communications channel, and this is what we do."

So if you're thinking about dishing off the social media management to the interm, stop for a second think about what you're actually doing.

The MyBizMailer Team

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