Mystery Solved

14 Jun 2013
Ian Marshall

Mystery solved

The Reason Why Your Emails Have Been Getting Bounced from Yahoo Recently

If you had a secret spy glass that let you peer into the offices of email marketers from all over the world lately you would have pretty much seen the same thing - people scratching their heads.

Email marketers have been baffled recently while looking at their analytics reports. There’s been a curious downward trend over at Yahoo. More and more emails messages have been getting bounced by the ISP.

But now that mystery seems to have been solved. 

In an announcement issued on Wednesday it was revealed that Yahoo will be releasing back into the public long-time inactive accounts. They’re doing this to get back in the game after losing tons of market share to services like Gmail recently.

Yahoo plans to release these inactive accounts unless the current owners dig up their user names and passwords and log back in the service again before July 15th.

In mid-August these accounts will be up for grabs again. This is Yahoo’s attempt to draw users back to their portal and in turn get them to possibly check out the additional services that Yahoo has to offer.

It may be a good time for email marketers to setup some Yahoo ad campaigns and craft a lead generation plan to target the possible influx of people to the Yahoo network over the coming months.

What This Means For You Now

It would be a good idea to remove any yahoo email addresses from your mailing lists that haven't opened a mail campaign from you in the last year,

In all likeliness these email addresses will be part of the batch to be released to the public. That means if they're still on your email list after July 15thth and your send a mail campaign to them these recipients will probably mark your messages as spam. Why? Well because these new owners of the email addresses will not be expecting (or wanting) your emails.

If they do mark your messages as spam then this will negatively effect your sender scores and may in effect make it harder to send emails to yahoo in the future.

The MyBizMailer Team

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