Is email marketing or twitter more effective to reach potential users?

18 Oct 2013
Ian Marshall

Email Marketing vs Twitter

I was buzzing around Quora recently when we came across this question:

Is email marketing or twitter more effective to reach potential users?

And well - we couldn't resist chiming in with our insights.

But when I looked at the question, the "Actual" question and the real issue that this individual was really bumping up against I knew that this wasn't going to be a battle of which marketing channel has the best ROI. The topic turned out to be a problem a lot of businesses face each and every day.

So below I've tweaked and expanded on my take.

It's an important topic. One that I even addressed in a Q&A session at an internet marketing event I was a featured panelist at. Especially with all the buzz and hype revolving around social media marketing over the last few years. 

So here goes...

Is email marketing or twitter more effective to reach potential users? How shall I spend most of my time finding potential users of my new business idea? Finding and writing emails or tweeting?

Let's just clarify the question...or reword the question to:

What is the most effective way to reach potential clients?

So then it's not about email or's about: How fast do you want to grow your user base? And what's the best way to do it?

Which then makes the assumption that you actually have a pretty good product that you're offering. If you had a great or amazing product that would be even awesomer!

So let's assume you have a pretty good product.

Then maybe the best thing to do is to advertise and do some good 'ole cold calling. Yes I said it. Spend some hard earned cash on targeted advertising and (gulp) get on the phone with your target client.

Which then assumes...

* That you have a pretty good idea of who would love to be using your product
* You know where they're hanging out online
* You can figure out how to get in contact with them (cold calling)

For the targeted advertising...

Then you would need to build out a lead generation and conversion process.

Try tying in a DRIP email marketing plan that makes use of autoresponders and quality content that informs, engages, delights and positions your product as the go to product on the market. Case studies work well for this (we just released our Autoresponders 2.0 which will help you do just that).

Once your new clients come on board then reinvest your new found revenue to love them up. Be of service to them. Get on the phone with them and help them solve any problem that comes up as quickly and thoughtfully as possible.

Dedicate yourself and your company to the Kaizen philosophy (constant and never ending improvement).

While all of the above is going on try to chisel out some "Hour of Power" time early in the morning to be a part of your niche. Adding to the conversation that's already happening on the social platforms (why not connect with us on twitter and facebook).

Be of service. Reach out. Engage. Connect. I know those are all "Buzz" words but behind the hype is some deep stuff.

Grind it out.

Twitter is different from FB, which is different from LinkedIn which is different from... You get the drift.

Just keep grinding and have fun.

Hope that helps!

The MyBizMailer Team

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