[INFOGRAPHIC] Email Stats That'll Make You Look Like A Rock Star

11 Sep 2013
Best Practices
Ian Marshall

Email Marketing Best Practices

Busting out stats at any type of meeting makes you look like a rock star. I quells arguements and tips the scales in your favour each and every time.

So whether you're looking to push forward a new email marketing strategy or you want to stay on top of your email marketing game, you'll love these Email Marketing Best Practices stats.

The kind Canadian folks (Yay Canada!) over at Prestige Marketing put them together. It's a pretty cool infographic that drives home key email marketing stats and best practices so you can make your next campaign shine.

Some of My Fayv Email Marketing Stats 

93% of online consumers interact with brands through email, more than any other platform

64% prefer promotional emails compared to only 8% for social media sites

45% of email recipients made at least 1 purchase directly because of a marketing email

Consumers who make purchases through marketing emails spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers

Optimizing emails for image blocking increases ROI by 9%

69% of email recipients will report email as spam because of these words: Sale & Cash

55% of recipients will forward emails with promotions and coupons

Email Marketing Best Practices

We hope you like the infographic!

The MyBizMailer Team

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