[INFOGRAPHIC] Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

20 Aug 2013
Ian Marshall

Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

Social Media is all the rage nowadays - with adults.

PewInternet did some interesting research into who's using social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram. And the people over at NextAdvisor were nice enough to take that data and create a fancy little infographic to help us understand what the stats are trying to tell us.

Looking at the data though brings up some doubts in my mind though...

Who Uses Which Social Networks

The numbers in the infographic below show that 94% of teens use facebook and that almost 70% of adults do as well.

But the question is: If you're a teen - why would you hang out and post to a social platform where your parents are going to be hanging out? 

Last week Mashable released an article by Ruby Karp a 13 year old teen young teen entitled, "I'm 13 and none of my friends use facebook" which goes into the overwhelming amount of reasons why her and her friends wouldn't use facebook at all.

At one point in the article she says, "All of our parents and parents' friends have Facebook. It's not just the fact that I occasionally get wall posts like, "Hello sweetie pie!" But my friends post photos that get me in trouble with those parents."

I'll let you be the judge.

Do you think the data is telling us the true story?

Adults vs Teens: How We Use Social Media

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