Social or Email Marketing - Which Is More Effective? (You may be surprised by the answer)

15 Jan 2014
Social Media
Ian Marshall

Social or Email - which is more effective

We all wish there was way more time in the day. And being a startup we're especially sensitive to the lack of hours in a day to get everything done (we are getting pretty good at becoming time-management ninjas though because of it).

So being able to focus on the key tasks, projects and updates that'll push the needle forward is crucial to us.

So that’s why the latest numbers released in a recent report on which channels are most effective for acquiring new customers caught our eye.

Turns out that email marketing is way more effective for acquiring new customers. About 40 times more effective than social channels according to the study. ;)

And you make more money using email marketing as well with average order values coming in at 17% higher than social.

Now we're not saying to ditch social all together. But we’ve found that the ICEE process made popular by Tony Hsieh is the best way to approach facebook, twitter, pinterest, g+, linkedin etc.

That is, we use social at least once a day to:

•    Inspire
•    Connect
•    Entertain
•    Educate

Four fundamental keys to subscriber happiness that you can use in your email marketing as well.

So as you’re drafting up your marketing strategies for 2014 (click here & here for some inspiration) take the above findings into account and make the proper course corrections now before you get too far off course.

Hope you're having great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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Reader Comments

Hazel says:
January 17 2014 at 08:40

Really interesting report considering the last few years' 'pressure' to get into social. Very useful to know!

Ian says:
January 30 2014 at 02:13

Hey there Hazel. We've all been feeling the push to be "everywhere" with social. We've got a couple platforms that we favour and give our time to. Have fun with it.

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