The Four E's of Awesome Email Content

30 Apr 2014
Best Practices
Ian Marshall

The 4 E's of Awesome Email Content

Most businesses get stumped on writing content that their subscribers love.

In this article we reveal the four E’s of Awesome Email Marketing Content.

So to start – what are the four E’s?

1) Educate
2) Entertain
3) Engage
4) Enrich

Most people cruise the internet for two reasons: 1) to find solutions to their problems and 2) to be entertained.

Your email subscribers are no different. They’ve got problems and they’re hoping that you can help solve them. If you can do that in an entertaining way you’re set for life.

Let’s go deeper in the four E’s


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Here’s where you 

• Showcase your expertise. 
• Teach your audience how to do things. 
• Share case studies.
• Answer your audiences burning questions


This is probably the toughest one to nail out of the four. But you could always:

• Tie in current events
• Bring in celebrity gossip
• Create videos
• Tell stories


This one is all about creating ways of getting your audience to engage with you. Try…

• Asking provocative questions
• Create polls
• Encourage comments and discussion
• Ask for feedback


This is about going above and beyond the norms. Doing or creating something that isn’t easily found. Come up with creative ways to make your subscribers lives better in some way by helping them...

• Be happier
• Be healthier
• Be wealthier

So when you're sitting down to write your next email campaign you can ask yourself one of four questions to help get the creative juices flowing:

1) How can I educate my audience?

2) How can I entertain them?

3) How can I engage them?

4) How can I make their lives better?

Hope you're having a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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