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29 Jul 2013
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Ian Marshall

We've got a lot of new updates in store for MyBizMailer over the next coming months. One of those updates that's been a long time coming has been a refresh and update to our Signup Forms. 

So the whole team is excited to let you know that we've got six new Email Signup Form templates that you can use right now on your site.

New Opt-In Box Templates

New Opt-In Form Template Picker

6 New Opt-In Forms

These six new opt-in forms are super-easy to place on your site. You can quickly select and generate the code and then copy and paste it into the sidebar of your website or the bottom of your blog posts. 


Here's A Quick Look At the New Opt-In Form Styles


Standard Grey Classic White
Dark Grey Bright
Light Blue Professional Dark & Bold


Compact or Wide

There's two size options for the new forms - compact or wide. Here's a look at the Standard Grey Opt-In Form in the Wide format.

Standard Grey Wide

Additional Control

Optin Process Control

You now have extra control over the pages that your new subscribers see during the sign-up process as well. You can now set your own confirmation and thank you pages with ease.

Feedback Needed

Please take the new Opt-In Forms for a test drive. If you notice any problems or would like to see some additional functionality please send us an email: support@mybizmailer.com

And if there's any other new features that you'd like us to work on please let us know. 

Click here to give MyBizMailer a try and use our new Opt-In Forms on your site.

The MyBizMailer Team

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