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25 Oct 2013
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Ian Marshall

New List Importing Process

The size of your list is starting to matter less and less these days. What's beginning to truly emerge supreme is how engaged that list is with you.

And over the years there's been a great debate between having a "Single" or "Double" opt-in process.

Having a "Single" opt-in process is fast and quick.

But because it's fast and quick it means that these subscribers are not really that interested in what you have to offer and:

* It opens up your subscriber list to potentially collecting invalid, junk and faulty emails

* Spambots can add emails to your list

* Typos can happen frequently

* Email addresses can be added to your list by people who actually don't own that email address

* Your list quality goes down

* Your overall email marketing metrics are skewed

* Your spam rates will probably rise

* Your sender reputation with the major ISP's will suffer (bc of spam complaints, high bounce rates and low engagement rates)

So we've now introduced a new list importing feature that'll help you avoid all of the above situations.


By being able to send out a confirmation message to "Opt-Into" your lists to people who haven't gone through a double opt-in process with you before.

Some of the benefits of having your subscribers go through a "Double Opt-In" process are:

* It ensure that individuals are actually entering in their information correctly

* It reduces the potential of spam complaints because subscribers have taken that extra step to show that they "really" want to here from you

* If a spam complaint is recoreded you now have clear records indicating the subscribers opt-in intent, information and confirmation.

* Generally, these types of subscribers are more responsive

* Your email marketing metrics will be purer 

* Your sender reputation will benefit from the extra deligence (which boost your delivery rates)

We've updated the Knowledge Base article on "How Can I Import Subscribers" that walks you through the complete process.

Test it out and tell us what you think. As always if you have any questions or suggestions drop us a message by clicking here

The MyBizMailer Team

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