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23 Sep 2013
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Ian Marshall

MyBizMailer - Update - Autoresponders 2.0

Wow. This update has been a long time coming. We've been chipping away at the core of MyBizMailer and one of the major changes we wanted to do was update our Autoresponders.

Well I'm proud to announce that as of today Autoresponders 2.0 has been released (insert ticker tape parade here).

With autoresponders you can really put your email marketing on autopilot.

Right now there are four main autoresponder sending options that you can put into use right now.


Sending Options

In most instances you have 4 main sending options:

Sending rules for autoresponder message

1) Immediate: This message will go out immediately to the subscribers once they confirmed their signup to your newsletter.

2) With delay of: This option let you select how many hour and days to delay the message. This uses the point of sign-up to the list as the base line for calculations

with delay of

3) In exact time: This option let's you pinpoint the exact time you want to send out your message.

4) Inteval Based: (this option is not provided if you're creating the 1st message of an autoresponder series.) This is by far the most popular option to choose when setting up an autoresponder series.

interval based

As you've probably also noticed is that you can pick and choose which days of the week this message goes out on. Don't want to send any messages on the weekend? No problem. Just uncheck those days from the week.

If you're already a MyBizMailer client you can check out the, "How to Create An Autoresponder Series" Knowledge Base article that'll walk you all the steps you'll need to take to set this up for your account. 

Feedback Needed

Play around with thes new Autoresponders. If you notice any problems or would like to see some additional functionality please send us an email: support@mybizmailer.com

And if there's any other new features that you'd like us to work on please let us know.

The MyBizMailer Team

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