The Marketing Minute - Issue 5

03 Sep 2013
Ian Marshall

The MyBizMailer Marketing Minute - Issue 5

This week the big buzz is that there may be another algorithm update from Google that's wreaking all kinds of havoc for website owner. As well you'll be able to look behind facebook's kimono to see how they think in general but particular how they look at and create their content strategy. 

Reports Of Another Google Update : September 4th

Over the last few weeks we've noticed that google has been playing around with their search results. And this morning it seems like a GIANT Algo update has been unleashed. Webmaster's all over the world have been reporting their sites being wiped off the google map.

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What Matters Most in Email Marketing: Five Questions for 5 Experts

Five experts are pushed, prodded and cajoled into revealing their insights and ideas when it comes down to effective email marketing.

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Content Strategy at Facebook - An Interview with Jonathon Colman

Wouldn't it be awesome to pry open those geniuses brains over at facebook to see how they think? Well this post helps you do just that. You'll discover the ideas and framework behind the social media behemoths content strategy.

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Introducing Buffer for Google+: The easiest way to post to your Google+ Business Page

Just recently I was thinking, "Man, I wish buffer would work with Google+." and it seems that the tech team has main-line access to my brain because my wish has been granted.

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How to Use Google Trends for SEO

Don't let the snoozerness of this articles title keep you from checking it out. You'll effectively learn how to become a professional newsjacker by the end of it and have the magical ability to manifest tons of hot traffic to your site.

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Yelp Will Help Your Business, According To This Study

Yelp helps. It's true. Well according to a recent survey released by Merchant Warehouse it seems to be the case. The study found that 93% of people who conducted research on review sites "typically" make purchases at the businesses they look up(if those reviews are favourable of course). There's more interesting stats to mine through as well... 

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Social Media May Influence Your Credit Worthiness

This news piece was too crazy not to talk about and share. There’s "a crop of new lenders that want to take your social data into account to determine the risk of awarding you loans."

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That's it for now.

Hope you have a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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