The Friday 5 - July 5th Edition

05 Jul 2013
Ian Marshall

The friday 5

He're a quick roundup of our five favourite articles, ideas and news pieces from this week in the email and internet marketing world.


[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Steps to Email Marketing Success

Who doesn't love a good visual representation of obscure data. This infographic quickly dives deep into email marketing best practices (I know it sounds boring but trust me - you'll glean a few great ideas from this data to apply to your email marketing campaigns right now). 

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How to Design a Seductive Email Marketing Campaign Like HP

I don't know about you but here at MyBizMailer we love case studies. In this one Kathryn Aragon picks apart HP's email marketing campaigns do go you you real world insights into what this tech giant is doing to drive business.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

In this Mashable article you'll discover 10 things to try right now to improve your email marketing engagement.

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Email Marketing That Works: Here's My Aweber Password

In this article by Brian Dean he helps to shift some major paradigms when it comes down to how you look at your email list. Discover how you can "Turn traffic into relationships" right now and enjoy a more engaged and profitable email list.

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How Much Content Do You Need? Here’s a Formula

It seems that there's an insatiable need for content these days. Jay Baer helps all of us with a magic formula on how to figure out where our conent sweet spot is.

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The MyBizMailer Team

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