The Friday 5 - July 12th Edition

12 Jul 2013
Ian Marshall

The Friday Email and Internet Marketing 5 - July 12th Edition

Here's this weeks roundup of our five favourite articles, ideas and news pieces from the email and internet marketing world.

Email Marketing Recovery Program

Do you want to learn how to recover from declining open and click through rates? Or how about when the unexpected hits and your servers crash and you can't send out your email campaign that's on a tight deadline? Or maybe trying to recover from the most embarrassing of all - screwing up and sending out an email campaign with #FIRSTNAME in the subject line or a link that takes your clients to an entirely wrong page.

Honestly all of the above happens to even the best and most seasoned of email marketers out there. Justin Williams over at Clicks goes through various ways to overcome and recover from all three. 

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Fear and Self Loathing in Email Marketing

How can you not read an article that has this as one of it's main ideas, "A self-confident email marketing industry is beginning to throw off a ‘fear and self-loathing’ in email." 

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The Number Facebook Doesn't Want You to See

I never expected to learn about cognitive disonance from an article on social media's actual audience reach and what the numbers are really telling you. But it's surprises like that and many others that makes this post a must read for those who are interested in social media marketing.

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[STUDY] Email Marketing Success: 71% Marketers Bet Upon Content Relevancy

In this revealing article you'll discover the top ten email marketing tactics that businesses are using to generate revenue (you'll also find out about their everyday challenges as well).

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[Infographic] The Art of Getting Retweets

I love seeing abstract data taken and transformed into visual media. This inforgraphic from Quicksprout will help anyone who's looking to boost the amount of retweets they're getting and will give you some keen insights into how people are using and interacting with content shared on that platform.

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The MyBizMailer Team

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