Social Media May Influence Your Credit Worthiness

03 Sep 2013
Social Media
Ian Marshall

Social media activity may influence your credit worthiness

This news piece was too crazy not to talk about and share.  

There’s "a crop of new lenders that want to take your social data into account to determine the risk of awarding you loans."

Wow. How crazy is that? 

What made this even more interesting for me is that I recently pulled a credit score check on myself.

I can't imagine a future where our social profiles are factored into our credit worthiness.

But this seems to be the case. Something that we're quickly plunging into – trading personal data for access.

Blurred lines...

That’s what we’re moving toward. A complete blurring of boundaries. Now I know what celebrities feel like.

"This just underscores the need to be careful of who you friend and how you act. This is something that no one would have imagined when Facebook launched years ago. No one could have thought it might someday play a part in something like risk assessment." John Ulzheimer credit expert at Credit Sesame

Read the full article here.

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