Email Marketing Message Length

21 May 2014
Best Practices
Ian Marshall

Email marketing message length

1135 words – that’s how long the email was.

That’s 4 pages of text (I know because I copied and pasted the email into Word to find out).

And the first link didn’t show up until around page three.

It’s tough trying to get your message across succinctly. Even with the popularity of twitter that forces you into 140 character constraints we still have a tough time getting to the point.

Which makes me guess that you’re asking, "So what’s the perfect email marketing message length then?"

Turns out that the sweet spot is between 300-500 characters. If you’re looking to improve your CTR (click-through-rate) then this is the range to shoot for.

And to be clear - that’s characters – not words. Around the size of three tweets.

That email I mentioned earlier – that message had 6723 characters.

7 Ways to Maxmize Your Message Length and Boost Your CTR’s

Below we drafted up 7 key ideas to keep you on track to crafting awesome email marketing messages

1) Keep your emails short, to the point and on target.
2) You have a small window of time that your subscribers will give you when reading your message. Readers are really scanners – design your emails accordingly.
3) Before you craft your next email marketing campaign get clear on your goal (is it revenue, infotainment, news).
4) Create scannable messages (easy to do with our new Drag & Drop Editor)
5) It’s OK to use the same call to action button/link a couple of times in your messages.
6) If you’re going to include images make sure that they’re clickable and have had their ALT tags setup for maximum impact.
7) Measure and compare your results.

Hope you’re having a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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