(Celebrating Paperback Book Day) 3 Must Read Email Marketing Books

29 Jul 2013
Ian Marshall

Did you know that July 30th is Paperback book day? A day that celebrates the look, feel and total experience of the paperback book. 

And even though eBooks and eReaders are all the rage nowadays there's still something special about the traditional and old school paperback book.

So to celebrate Paperback Book Day we've put together 3 must read email marketing books that you can curl up with tonight.

Email Marketing RulesEmail Marketing Rules: How to Wear a White Hat, Shoot Straight, and Win Hearts
by Chad White (Author), Jay Baer (Preface)

Email marketing's "Wild West" days are long gone. Not only do ISPs maintain order like ironfisted sheriffs, but they've deputized every email user, arming them with a lethal "report spam" button. If you want to succeed in this town-or even just stay welcome-you need to follow the rules.

Email Marketing Rules is your guide to understanding the practices that lead to spectacular results, while steering you clear of potential trouble. Through 108 easy-to-understand rules, you'll learn how to:

Establish permission practices that will safeguard your ability to get your emails delivered
Set the right goals for your program
Fill your email list with the least risky and most profitable subscribers
Streamline your subscription process to maximize growth
Design emails that subscribers will respond to
Target subscribers with the right messaging at the right time
Leverage the growth of social media and mobile in your email program
...and much more

While beginner-friendly and a great training tool, the book's crisp dissection of best practices will help even seasoned veterans make tactical improvements that boost the performance of their email programs.

Click here to check it out.

The Rebl's Guide to Email MarketingThe Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win
by DJ Waldow and Jason Falls 

A No-Nonsense, Take-No-Prisoners Plan for Earning Positive Return on Your Email Marketing!

“They” say email is dead. Baloney! 94% of Americans use email. Passionate social networkers use email more, not less. Mobile email is huge. Email offers marketers more opportunities than ever...opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trial to repeat purchase, loyalty, even advocacy! But email has changed. Email users have changed. To get breakthrough results, you must break the rules! Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Fortune 500 or startup, this is a complete no-nonsense plan for transforming your email marketing. Discover radically better ways to handle every facet of your campaign: lists, From names, Subject lines, calls to action, social network integration...everything!

Learn how to
Discover which email marketing “rules” are obsolete--and when to break the rest
Optimize every component of your message and campaign
Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line
Encourage opt-in by systematically simplifying signup
Bring real humor and creativity back into your email
Write a great main call to action--and great secondary and tertiary calls, too
Take full advantage of tools ranging from QR codes to texting to grow your email list
Make better technical decisions about prechecked opt-in boxes and other attributes
Know when to deliberately introduce “imperfections” into your emails
Use email marketing and social media to power each other
Prepare for the short- and long-term futures of email marketing

Click here to check it out.

The New InboxNew Inbox: Why Email Marketing is the Digital Marketing Hub in a Social & Mobile World
Simms Jenkins (Author)

Email marketing remains the glue of any marketing department yet the rules are changing. Simms Jenkins, Author of the groundbreaking book “The Truth About Email Marketing” and Founder and CEO of BrightWave Marketing - North America’s leading email marketing focused digital agency - provides the keys to elevating your email program in a dynamic new digital world, including:
• How email marketing fits in a social networking crazed world
• Why mobile is the biggest game changer to hit email marketing. Ever!
• Real examples and advice on how to grow your list, create better emails, what to test and how to drive more sales, acquire more customers and save your company money.

Discover insight into the changing realm of email marketing through Simms’s experience and expertise, along with forewords by industry legends Jay Baer and Stan Rapp.

Leading marketers, top brand executives and industry thought leaders agree: The New Inbox delivers. This is the book to read and ensure your email marketing program is ready for the challenges and opportunities that mobile, social and other new digital media present.

Click here to check it out.

Happy Paperback Book Day!

The MyBizMailer Team

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