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17 Sep 2013
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Ian Marshall

Campaign Geodata

So we’ve got a bunch of cool things in the pipeline for MyBizMailer clients. Two of the biggies are Autoresponders 2.0 and Segmentation 2.0.

But to get the Segmentation 2.0 to be awesome we needed to implement Geodata. That’s location based data. Then you can GeoTarget your subscribers wherever they may be.

So we’re happy to announce the 1st stage of GeoData is now available to all MyBizMailer clients (Free and Paid).


Where To Find Your Campaign GeoData?

Your Geodata information can be found under the Campaign Reports section when you've logged into your dashboard.

campaign reports nav

A page will load with all your sent campaigns. Click on any of your campaigns. The report for that campaign will now be displayed on a new page. Scroll down to the bottom of that page.

You should see a map of the world that looks like this.

Campaigns Geodata World Map

You can view your Geodata information for either opens or clicks.

Geodata filtering - opens or clicks

You can now start to drill down even further by clicking on a region of the coloured map.

geodata usa

You still can drill down further...

Let the map and data load for the region that you've selected.

Geodata USA

And you can go even further into the data...

Hover over the targeted areas that you'd like additional info for and you'll see a magnification window appear.

Geodata hover



Feedback Needed

Play around with these new features. If you notice any problems or would like to see some additional functionality please send us an email: support@mybizmailer.com

And if there's any other new features that you'd like us to work on please let us know.

The MyBizMailer Team

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