The Walking Dead & Email Marketing

10 Apr 2014
Best Practices
Ian Marshall

The Walking Dead & Email Marketing

I’m so excited! I just got back into the Walking Dead. I’m not really a Zombie genre kind of guy – but after watching the first few episodes of season one I became hooked.

AMC’s Hit show the Walking Dead has been captivating viewers for over 3 years now. And some of the key concepts driving the show can also be used in email marketing.

Who would've guessed right…?

Below we lay out 4 key ideas that were gleaned from the Walking Dead that you can use to enhance your businesses email marketing strategy right now.

1) Stick Together
Once you’ve found a group you stick together. You support one another. You do what you can to survive and ultimately thrive. Everyone becomes part of the family. You respect each other and know that you’re in this together.

The same goes for the people who chose to subscribe to your newsletter – they’re family. Treat them with respect. Give them information that’ll help. And do what you can to help them thrive.

2) Grind it Out
Zombies don’t sleep. They just keep coming. Day, night, rain, snow, fire. It doesn’t matter – they are relentless.

To be successful with your email marketing you need to be a grinder. You need to work at it. Pushing it forward. Grinding it out. It’s has one of the best ROI’s out of all your marketing channels.

3) Make Use of What You’ve Got
If a zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow no one is really gonna be ready for it. Well aside from some guys in Wyoming. So the rest of the world is just gonna make due with what they’ve got on hand.

Don’t worry about being perfect (even though our new WYSIWYG and Drag & Drop Editor's get you pretty darn close) just be real and get your message out there.

4) Be Focused
The walking dead have one track minds – one purpose, one motivating purpose that drives everything they do. 

Apply that zombie-esque focus to your email marketing. We’ve talked about the “One Mission per Message” concept before. But the bare bones essence is – don’t try to jam EVERYTHING into your email.

I know – I know, it’s all important. Great! Then take the time and give that information the space it needs. 

We hope you’re having a great week!

The MyBizMailer Team

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